React Data GridColumn Menu

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The column menu is launched from the grid header, and displays a list of menu items, along with the ability to select columns and display filters.

AG Grid Community does not have a menu, but can launch Column Filters if enabled (see Launching Filters for configuration details).

The following example shows the new-format column menu:

  • The Athlete column does not have filtering enabled, and only shows the main menu.
  • The Age column has filtering enabled, and shows an additional filter icon. Open and apply a filter to see the behaviour.
  • The Country column has filtering enabled with the floating filter. Open and apply a filter to see the behaviour.
  • Right-clicking on the column headers will also display the column menu.
  • Right-clicking in the empty space to the right of the column headers will display the column menu with options to choose/reset the columns.

The new-format column menu is enabled by setting columnMenu = 'new'.

Customising the Column Menu

How the column menu is launched from the header can be configured via the following column definition properties.