Give your users more
than a table of data

Create feature rich interactive
data grids quickly and easily

  • Toggle features with boolean configuration properties: sorting, filtering, editing.
  • Configure the grid to enable data grouping and aggregation.
  • Add custom cell renderers to display your data, your way.
  • One Grid API to use. Works with JavaScript, React, Angular and Vue.
  • Pagination, Infinite Scrolling, Client and Server Side Data.

Let users explore data
with Grids and Charts

  • The only Data Grid with Integrated Charts.
  • Users can group rows and columns with drag and drop.
  • Excel like pivot tables at run time through standard GUI.
  • Charts are fully under user control.
  • After one line of configuration code, no development effort required for charting.
  • Fast rendering and scrolling even when data is updating multiple times a second.

Community Edition

  • Open-sourced free version licensed under MIT
  • Over 200,000 downloads per month

Enterprise Edition

  • Dedicated support and enterprise features
  • Used by more than 50% of the Fortune 500
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Rows & Columns Interactions

Rows & Columns Interaction feature demo

The Data Grid provides a rich and configurable editing experience so your users can easily update data in the grid.

  • Easily edit data in the grid.
  • Enable editing through a property configuration.
  • Create custom full row editing.
  • Add custom edit controls or use the built in editors.
  • Users can Drag and Drop rows and columns

Business Intelligence & Data Exploration

Grouping & Aggregation feature demo

Allow your users to make better business decisions: summarize, analyze, and explore data, with built in functionality.

  • Data exploration features are easily enabled through properties.
  • Sort and Filter data with built in and customizable comparators.
  • Customizable Grouping and Aggregation of data.
  • Excel like pivoting functionality.
  • Select data in the grid and create charts.

Rich UI controls

Rich UI controls feature demo

An intuitive GUI that works the way your users expect and easy to customize for your application's specific needs.

  • Easy to style with CSS, or use pre-built styling themes.
  • Customizable columns and context menus.
  • Copy/paste data, resize and pin columns.
  • Excel like pivoting functionality.
  • Add custom code using Events, Callbacks, Hooks and API.

Hierarchical Views & Nested Grids

Tree View feature demo

Business data has relationships between entities. Our React data grid implements a tree view to simplify exploration.

  • Display parent / child relationships between entities.
  • Nested grids to render child data.
  • Expand and collapse groups in one click.
  • Data aggregation and filtering functionality is available, even in the hierarchical views.
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The only Data Grid with Integrated Charting

Integrated Charts turns every data grid into a Business Intelligence tool.

  • Users can select and explore data
  • Same data, many charts
  • easy to download or paste into reports
  • Requires no additional programmer or development time

One line of Configuration Code

After adding enableCharts: true to the grid configuration, your users are free to explore the grid data using charts.

Watch Charting in Action

Full React Support

AG Grid supports React, JavaScript, Vue, and Angular. Our new rendering UI is 100% implemented in React.

One API, Multiple Frameworks

Unlike some data grid components, we don't have different grids for each framework.

Each framework:

  • has the same features,
  • uses the same API,
  • has a framework specific rendering engine,
  • shares the same core code.

Teams can share components between projects, even when using different technologies.

AG Grid's React Rendering Engine

It's ridiculously fast

Using our React grid you can work with large amounts of data and never worry about performance issues.

  • Advanced DOM manipulation techniques for fast rendering.
  • The grid can process over 100,000 updates per second.
  • Performs smoothly with millions of rows.
  • Supports server side data and row virtualization.
  • Our data grid powers High Frequency Financial Trading systems.

And we don't stop there

We understand the need for speed. We are constantly working to combine the latest browsers advances with cutting-edge algorithms in our grid, to justify our reputation as the best React data grid in the world.

Stress-test our React grid with 100 000 records and 20 columns

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