About AG Grid

Born out of frustration with existing solutions, AG Grid evolved from a side project to becoming the leading JavaScript datagrid on the market. We are a company built by developers for developers, and - true to our roots - we offer AG Grid Community: a free and open-source project that delivers world class grid performance. AG Grid Enterprise is our commercially-licensed offering which has enjoyed widespread adoption and facilitates us to keep delivering on our mission.

Today, AG Grid is a self-funded, bootstrapped company with thousands of customers globally. Even though we've already created the world's best Javascript datagrid, our work isn't over: we're forging ahead with the development of new features to show the world what’s possible in a Javascript datagrid.

Our Principles

We believe that a datagrid should be framework-agnostic, providing developers with flexibility and future-proofing their work. This philosophy is mirrored in our name; ‘AG' stands for agnostic. Our experience is in building Enterprise applications: we know that the datagrid is at the core of an Enterprise application, and needs to deliver performance and a rich feature set. We pride ourselves on offering what others typically charge for. AG Grid Community delivers features comparable to our competition, free of charge.

The Dev Team

Niall Crosby, CEO / Founder

Niall Crosby

CEO / Founder

Rob Clarke, VP Engineering

Rob Clarke


Sean Landsman, Lead Developer

Sean Landsman

Lead Developer, Frameworks

Guilherme Lopes, Lead Developer

Guilherme Lopes

Lead Developer, UI

Stephen Cooper, Developer

Stephen Cooper

Developer, Grid Core

Andrew Glazier, Developer

Andrew Glazier

Developer, Grid Core

Tak Tran, Developer

Tak Tran

Developer, Grid Core

Peter Reynolds, Developer

Peter Reynolds

Developer, Grid Core

Salmen Hichri, Developer

Salmen Hichris

Developer, Grid Core

Alex Wilton, Developer

Alex Wilton

Developer, Grid Core

Alan Treadway, Developer

Alan Treadway

Lead Developer, Data Visualisation

Mana Peirov, Developer

Mana Peirov

Developer, Data Visualisation

Alex Shutau, Developer

Alex Shutau

Developer, Data Visualisation

Ido Moshe, Developer

Ido Moshe

Developer, Data Visualisation

Oli Legat, Developer

Oli Legat

Developer, Data Visualisation

Alberto Gutierrez, Head of Customer Services

Alberto Gutierrez

Head of Customer Services

Kiril Matev, Technical Product Manager

Kiril Matev

Technical Product Manager

David Glickman, Technical Product Analyst

David Glickman

Technical Product Analyst

Zoheil Khaleqi, Technical Product Analyst

Zoheil Khaleqi

Technical Product Analyst

Adam Wang, Technical Product Analyst

Adam Wang

Technical Product Analyst

Viqas Hussain, Lead Developer

Viqas Hussain

Lead Developer, E-commerce

Mark Durrant, Lead UX Designer

Mark Durrant

Lead UX Designer

James Swinton-Bland, Developer relations lead

James Swinton-Bland

Developer Relations Lead

The Operations Team

Dimo Iliev, Managing Director

Dimo Iliev

Managing Director

Simon Kenny, Customer Experience Manager

Simon Kenny

Sales Director

Nathan Gauge-Klein, General Counsel

Nathan Gauge-Klein

General Counsel

Victoria Tennant, Head of Renewals Department

Victoria Tennant

Head of Renewals Department

Dimple Unalkat, Head of Initials Department

Dimple Unalkat

Head of Initials Department

Sachshell Rhoden, Customer Experience Manager

Sachshell Rhoden

Sales Operations Manager

Alison Bunworth, Business Development Manager

Alison Bunworth

Business Development Manager

Jordan Shekoni, Customer Experience Manager

Jordan Shekoni

Key Account Manager

Seweety Kumar, Renewals Team Lead

Seweety Kumar

Renewals Team Lead

Rob Dunkiert, Customer Experience Manager

Rob Dunkiert

Customer Experience Manager

Laiyan Woo, Customer Experience Manager

Laiyan Woo

Customer Experience Manager

Amir Hussain, Customer Experience Manager

Amir Hussain

Customer Experience Manager

Tobi Aguda, Customer Experience Manager

Tobi Aguda

Customer Experience Manager

Kylie Slevin, Customer Experience Manager

Kylie Slevin

Customer Experience Manager

Alex Russell, Customer Experience Manager

Alex Russell

Customer Experience Manager

Alex Openshaw, Customer Experience Manager

Alex Openshaw

Customer Experience Manager

Kathryn Knapman, Customer Experience Manager

Kathryn Knapman

PA to CEO and Office Manager

Contact Us

Our Address

AG Grid Ltd.
Bank Chambers
6 Borough High Street
United Kingdom

Email Enquiries: info@ag-grid.com