React Data GridAG Grid: Reference

The reference section of our documentation covers all the public interfaces for interacting with AG Grid across Grid, Columns and Rows.


The grid section starts with an overview explaining key information for configuring and interacting with the grid such as: how to configure the grid, update properties and interact with the grid via its api.

  • Overview: Key information for working with the grid.

Reference pages list all configuration options, events and API methods:

Grid state and lifecycle pages:

  • Grid State: Save and restore runtime state of the grid.
  • Grid Lifecycle: Understand how to leverage the grid components lifecycle.


The columns reference section starts with an overview of Columns.

  • Overview: Key information for working with columns.

Reference pages list all column configurations and Column attributes, methods and events:


The rows reference section covers the ways to interact with instantiated rows displayed within the grid.

  • Overview: Key information for working with rows.

Reference pages list all Row object attributes, methods and events:


The TypeScript sections outlines the support providing your own interfaces for row data, cell values and grid context to improve developer experience and type checking accuracy.