JavaScript Charts: Combination Charts

A combination chart combines two or more series types allowing for flexible data visualisations. They are ideal for making visual comparisons of different sets of data in a single chart.

Combination Series Types

It is possible to create Combination Charts using the following series types: column, bar, line, area and scatter.

Unlike charts with a single series type, the type property must be specified explicitly on each individual series object in the series options array, as shown below:

series: [
      type: "column", // use 'column' series
      xKey: "year",
      yKey: "men",
      // ...other series options
      type: "line", // use 'line' series
      xKey: "year",
      yKey: "portions",
      // ...other series options

The snippet above shows the configuration required for a combination chart consisting of a column and line series.

The example below demonstrates two common combination chart types. You can switch between these two combination chart types using the buttons above the chart. Please note:

  • Series are rendered according to the order in which they are added in the series array.
  • The area and line series are plotted on a Secondary Axis with a different scale.
  • The series configurations are logged in the dev console when switching between combination charts.

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